Price is the direct reflection of a product’s value. Jason reduces costs as much as possible and provides competitive prices while ensuring product quality.

At Jason, we believe that the way to remain competitive is to constantly improve ourselves. Higher quality and lower price have made Jason stand out among its peers in the industry. There are four key points to ensure customers enjoy price satisfaction:

Advanced production process

We have always attached great importance to innovation in production process. We have dozens of advanced automatic/semi-automatic production lines, which are the foundation for improving work efficiency, controlling production costs and creating high-quality products. Our advanced production technology features high quality, high efficiency, low consumption, and is clean and flexible.

Scientific production process

Our production processes are developed based on long-term production experience and scientific experimental results, and are continuously improved and perfected in actual production.

Our scientific production processes have standard operating procedures for each activity on the production line, and provides strict guidelines for worker safety. At the same time, more scientific and orderly production process can comprehensively guarantee product quality and production efficiency.

Strict cost-control system

Through our years of experience, we have developed a cost control system covering design, production, procurement, management, material usage, facilities and equipment. Leveraging the well-developed domestic iron and steel industry, we have developed strict selection criteria for suppliers, and maintain long-term cooperation to ensure high product quality. We also continuously work on improving our production processes and raw material utilization rate, so as to reduce costs.

Directly facing end customers

One of Jason’s core strengths is that we directly face end customers without any intermediate links. Such an advantage fully reflects in consistency between company's product value and product quality, and it has been widely recognized by the market and customers.